Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tidbit From Midnight Temptations

Pressing a knee against the side of the bed, he leaned over her and drew the sheet down further. The fullness of her young breasts was conveniently exposed to both his view and the cool air permeating throughout the room. The succulent globes puckered instantly as the slight draft hit her skin. She moaned again but did not wake.

"Good," he whispered as he bent down and pressed his mouth against her breast.

His mouth opened, allowing the tip of his tongue to circle her taut nipple. With tender precision, he outlined the firm bud, enjoying the feel of it against his tongue. Her body arched as he latched on and suckled it before tugging at it with his teeth. He took his time and lavished her bosom with the required attention, taking care to not wake her.

She gasped, still asleep, her fingers bunching into the sheets as he hungrily devoured her breast. Eager to heighten her awareness, he transferred his attention to her other breast and showed it the same courtesy he'd shown its mate. The sound of his name slipping from her lips elicited a response within him as he pressed several hot, wet kisses along her breastbone and inched toward her navel.

He drew back slightly, smirking with satisfaction. Her mouth hung open, her breath a tad raspy as her body flared with awareness. Yet, not once did she awake. Pressing the palms of his hands along the curves of her waist, he caressed the tender skin as he pulled his hands towards the flair of her hips.

Leaning back, he pulled the sheet off of her completely, hooking a thumb underneath the waistband of her bikini panties. He slid them off, parting her thighs to expose the rust-colored mound between them. Sliding a finger against her labia, he pushed her pink lips aside and flicked the digit back and forth as he pressed his thumb against her clit. Her muscles contracted, wrapping themselves about his finger as he sought to ready her for his invasion.

“Bailey?” she said sleepily, her hips bucking as he shoved his finger deep within her.

“Yea, baby?” he replied, withdrawing the appendage slightly before thrusting it back into her moist cavern.

“I’m dreaming.”

He chuckled, leaning down to press his lips against hers. “Are you?”


Her eyes remained closed as he nipped lat her lower lip and continued to work his finger in and out of her. A soft sigh escaped her as she arched her back, her mound pushing against the palm of his hand. Her thighs spread wider to accommodate him, her hips moving in unison to the rhythm he’d set.

Her juices flowed freely, coating his fingers completely as he inserted another digit within her. He took his time in pleasuring her, enjoying the kittenish moans erupting from her throat. Pulling his fingers free, he pressed his face against her pussy and pushed his tongue inside her. The sweet taste of her exploded against his tongue, further inciting his responding passion.


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