Saturday, April 21, 2012

Midnight Temptations Is Officially Live!

Yep, you heard right.

As some of you know, Midnight Temptations was released on April 17th via Amazon.

So totally excited about that.

Swing by and snag a copy! I hope you'll all enjoy the book.

For now it's exclusive to Amazon.

Book Blurb:

He got more than he’d bargained for . . .

Coming home from work one night, Bailey Rodgers found the most delectable sight lying across his bed. Tempted by his desires, he’s intent on pleasuring his girlfriend until she’s asking for more.

Never imagining the consequences of his actions, he’s soon blown away when Lori takes matters into her own hands. Foreplay soon takes on a new meaning when strawberries and whipped cream make their way into the fray.

Erotica Short Story - Approximately 3,000 words.


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